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Chalk Paint For Furniture

Chalk Paint for Furniture

Chalk Paint was developed in 1990 by Annie Sloan, an experienced furniture painter and artist. It was created so that furniture could be transformed quickly using a paint that was suitable for creating endless decorative effects. And so Chalk Paint was born. 

Annie Sloan Painting a Melamine Bed

This versatile Chalk Paint for Furniture can be used on almost any surface. With incredible sticking power it can be used on wood, laminate, metal and more making it the perfect paint for beginners.

Its chalky appearance and flat, matte finish can transform your furniture from tired and worn to a creative, unique piece for your home. 

Use on modern or vintage furniture, chairs and even doors or kitchen cabinets.

Chalk Paint can be layered and used thickly to create a rustic, textured vibe. It can also be easily distressed to show colours underneath or reveal some of the wood underneath the paint. For texture it is best to use a natural bristle brush when applying the Chalk Paint to furniture. 

If you prefer a sleek, modern look then this can also be achieved with Chalk Paint. Adding a touch of water or dipping the tips of your brush in water before painting can help you to get a smooth finish.