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About us


My name is Jen and I am the owner of Thirteen Furniture Co. based in Lancashire.

I have always been creative and I discovered my passion for painting furniture after I purchased a painted piece for myself. I decided to paint some furniture I had to match and I fell in love with the process.

In 2017 Thirteen Furniture Co. was born after I decide not to return to work after maternity leave. When I first started I was selling small pieces of painted furniture locally but I quickly expanded and now ship my furniture all over the UK and Ireland. 

I have a love of dark decor and wood grain which reflects in my pieces. I always try to restore furniture sympathetically, keeping original features and hardware where possible to reflect the style of the piece. I take my time to find pieces that have plenty of life left in them and are of good quality. All of the pieces I create have a history and their own unique story but are ready to create new memories in beautiful modern homes.

In 2019 I started stocking Wise Owl Paints after falling in love with the rich colour palette and 'green' ethos behind the company owned by two best friends Karen and Erin. Wise Owl Paint is based in Michigan in the USA. In 2020 I decided to stock a British brand and discovered Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. A small and relatively new paint company their biodegradable packaging and vegan friendly paint complements the ethics of Wise Owl and offers an alternative colour palette of coastal colours inspired by the Cornish seaside.  

I named my business 'Thirteen' as the number keeps coming in to my life in a positive way. Mat, my husband, and I met on the 13th, our first home together was number 13, our daughter was born on the 13th and we also married on the 13th!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my business. If there is anything I can help you with please do not hesitate to get in touch.