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Viridis Mould by IOD - Iron Orchid Designs
Viridis Mould by IOD - Iron Orchid Designs
Viridis Mould by IOD - Iron Orchid Designs

Viridis Mould by IOD - Iron Orchid Designs

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Viridis Mould by IOD - Iron Orchid Designs

The Viridis Mould is an appreciation of the timeless beauty and versatility of greenery.

"Viridis," Latin for green, perfectly embodies the essence of this mould—dedicated to the artful representation of leaves and greenery, a motif celebrated throughout history in classic friezes and compositions.

Our design focuses on capturing the dynamic, curling, and furling movements of foliage, rendered in exquisite detail to bring a sense of natural ruffle and flow to any project.

One single 6" x 10" mould

Moulding mediums for IOD Moulds

IOD Moulds can be used with many different mediums. 

IOD moulds are food safe.

Every medium has its own characteristics, challenges, and virtues. For furniture and craft projects we recommend:

Air Dry or Paper Clay:

IOD paper clay is an air dry medium. Like most paper pulp
based air dry clays, some shrinking, warping, and cracking is inherent.

We like these qualities for a distressed, authentically vintage look. You can apply moulded pieces by removing them from the mould while still moist, and
adhering them to the surface with the appropriate glue so it conforms well. For
vertical surfaces, use a piece of low tack tape to hold it in place so it
doesn’t slide.

Casting Resin:

We recommend Amazing Casting Resin. 

Resin has completely different qualities than the paper clay. There is no shrinking or warping, and the castings are more consistent. Depending on the project, these qualities can be helpful. If you need to conform them to a curved surface, this can be done if removed from the mould before it’s completely hardened.