Newell - Fusion Mineral Paint
Newell - Fusion Mineral Paint

Newell - Fusion Mineral Paint

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Newell - Fusion Mineral Paint

Cool and elevated, this soft green with silver undertones brings sophistication to any space. 

Fusion Mineral Paint is a 100% acrylic paint with no fillers! Our pigments are all derived from natural minerals, and our paint is 100% non-toxic with no lead, and no phthalates. Plus – it’s got a built-in top coat that is UV, water, and stain resistant – meaning you don’t have to wax or seal it! 

  • Minimal prep work
  • Easy application
  • Exceptional coverage
  • Gorgeous matte finish
  • No top coat required

Pair with Chateau for a serene and tranquil feel. 
Pair with Ash for a confident statement.

Newell  - Fusion Mineral Paint