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Copper Metallic Pigment Powder - Posh Chalk Pigments
Copper - Posh Chalk Pigments
Copper - Posh Chalk Pigments

Copper - Posh Chalk Pigments

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Copper - Posh Chalk Pigments

Posh Chalk Pigments are a fine metallic powder typically used for a true metallic effect to really make your project POP. 

30ml pot

What do you mix Posh Chalk Pigments with?

You can sprinkle our pigment directly on to your project or mix with various mediums, for example, waxes, topcoats, varnishes, water and oil based projects.

For best results we recommend using Posh Chalk Pigment Infusor as it has been developed with Posh Chalk Pigments in mind. 

How do you use Posh Chalk Pigments?

Sprinkle a small amount of the Posh Chalk Pigments in to a pot. Slowly add you infusor, varnish or other medium. Mix until smooth.

Add more pigments or medium to get your desired consistency.

Add a small amount of infusor to create a thicker paste which is great for dry brushing or add a lot to make a metallic wash. Somewhere in between and you'll have a dazzling metallic paint.

Can you mix Posh Chalk Pigments?

Absolutley! Why not get creative and make your own colours!

TOP TIP: A little pigment goes a long way so don't be too generous with portion sizes.