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How To Get Musty Smells Out Of Furniture

How To Get Musty Smells Out Of Furniture

When we find vintage and antique furniture for restoration they often come with lots of dinks and dents and physical evidence of a past life. But what about smells? Furniture can hold all sorts of smells that is also evidence of its past life. So how do you get musty smells out of furniture?

There are lots of tried and tested methods that can offer some help to get musty smells out of furniture. Vodka, white vinegar, bicarbonate soda, cat litter and many more! 

First and foremost your furniture needs a really good clean. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint BIOCLEAN is a great product for removing grease and grime but can also help to remove some of those musty old smells.

But my favourite discovery is Wise Owl Furniture Salve. Wise Owl Furniture Salve is made from a base of hemp and coconut oils and a blend of natural waxes. It is available in a range of different scents which are created from essential oils and also available in unscented. But how does it work? How does it get musty smells out of furniture?

One of the main ingredients in Wise Owl Furniture Salve is hemp oil. Hemp oil is naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal and odour neutralising. This means that it does help to get rid of those nasty smells and not just cover them up. 

The oils soak in to the wood to condition and restore whilst the wax cures to create a durable finish. This makes it perfect to use on the inside of every piece you restore. 

The fabulous scents will really add that something extra to pieces if you restore furniture to sell on. A must if you want to up your restoration game!

Wise Owl Furniture Salve can be applied using a brush or cloth. The 1.5 inch Wax Brush is a fabulous brush to use for the insides of furniture as it is more flexible than the larger brushes for getting in to corners but still covers a large area. Once applied a soft cloth can be used to wipe back and excess. The salves do not contain any solvents so can take a little while to dry, just come back and give it a buff. Its ease of application makes it a pleasure to work with and it is gentle on skin. The hardest part is choosing a scent!

Wise Owl Furniture Salve has a multitude of uses, not just to get the musty smells out of furniture. It can be used to seal paint, restore bare wood, revive leather and remove the tarnish from metal. And much, much more.