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How do I help drawers to run more smoothly?


Here are my top tips for drawers that have become stiff and don’t want to open or close!

1. Make sure they are throughly dry. Pieces that have been stored outdoors or in damp garages take on water and it can take weeks for the moisture to evaporate.

2. Before you paint your piece check there is sufficient space around the drawer, if not sand a bit extra off when you are prepping.

3. If your drawers start sticking after they have been painted then check there isn’t a build up of paint that is stopping the drawers from moving freely.

4. Sometimes wood can take on moisture from the prepping, cleaning and painting process so again, give them a few days to dry out.

5. Finally, use some Wise Owl salve or Rose55design Wax (vegan) on the runners. This will nourish the wood and help the drawers to glide more smoothly.

These old pieces always like to throw problems our way but I have learnt that there is always a way to fix them up!