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Trim | WoodUbend TR714 | 1.2cms x 208cms  | Pack of Two

Trim | WoodUbend TR714 | 1.2cms x 208cms | Pack of Two

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Trim - WoodUbend TR714

Pack of 2

1.2cms x 208cms

These revolutionary decorative mouldings have all the properties of wood when cool. When warmed up they become bendy and can be shaped to fit any surface. 

Decorative mouldings can be drilled, sanded, glued, painted, stained, varnished or distressed. 

One of the great things about WoodUbend decorative mouldings is that you can adhere them to any surface from wood to fruit and everything inbetween. 

To apply:

  • Heat the moulding with a heat gun or hair dryer
  • Apply glue to the entire back of the moulding
  • Press firmly on to the surface
  • Heat again
  • Wipe away excess glue
  • Finish with paint, stain, wax or topcoat