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Sleek Leopard | Multi Layered Stencil

Sleek Leopard | Multi Layered Stencil

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Sleek Leopard  - Multi Layered Stencil

Size: 30cms x 30cms

The Alexandra Range of high-quality, multi layered stencils are perfect for your craft or furniture upcycling project. They can be used on any type of material including use as a wall stencil

This range of stencils are designed by hand by artist Alexandra Bena from her studio in Greece.

Each stencil is multi-layered. Paint each stencil layer a different colour and see your multi-coloured design come to life.

The Alexandra range perfectly complements both Posh Chalk coatings and WoodUbend. Mix your Posh Chalk coatings to provide a different colour for each layer; add WoodUbend to your project to give it lift-off!

Each Stencil has a guide as to which colours you might want to use – but feel free to express yourself!

You could use these as wall stencils to create a piece of wall art. Alternatively, use on furniture as part of a furniture upcycling project.

These stencils are high quality PET measuring 0.3mm thickness; they are tough enough to be washed and used again and again.