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SEA PINK | Pale Pink  | Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

SEA PINK | Pale Pink | Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

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Sea Pink - Cornish Milk Mineral Paint 

**New Formula**

The flower ''Sea Pink'' is a beautiful wild flower which grows around our famous Cornish coastlines and can easily be found growing from March. 

Sea Pink is a beautiful Pink shade which has a slight mauve tone, giving character and making this shade very unique to our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint line.


Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has a built-in primer and has a built-in ultra-durable topcoat, which means you do not need to seal or wax your projects after painting. Because our mineral paint has been made from real earth pigments, our formula is also self-levelling, which means your brushstrokes will disappear leaving you with a superior matt finish.

Once you have finished painting, leave your painted surface to cure for ten days and you will be left with a finish that is water/scuff resistant, ultra-durable, UV protected, heat resistant and can be used for interior and exterior use.

We have used only the finest natural ingredients, 100% water based, with no added VOC’s and no added chemicals or toxins which can damage your health and our environment. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is also proudly Vegan, as none of our ingredients are sourced from animal products.

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