SALTWASH Starter Set

SALTWASH Starter Set

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Starter Set includes: 

113 ml Saltwash® Powder, Saltwash® mixing cup,

2x Brushes, Stirring rod, Instructions


Saltwash ® powder is an easy-to-use base coat formula that gives a multi-layered and textured effect when mixed with paint. 

Apply your mixture to any piece of furniture or any surface to get the authentic, worn look that has been weathered on the coast for years.

It's an instant and affordable real vintage look. Follow our simple 3-step process and helpful tips to get the effect you want!

Saltwash powder is a no voc product and all the ingredients in it are safely taken into account in a work environment. We at Saltwash ®LLC., Are very concerned about safety, so we recommend always taking precautions. Due to the powdery composition, we recommend that you wear appropriate respiratory and eye protection when mixing and sanding.

Saltwash ® powder is made in the USA