Lavender Bag | Printed Velvet | Crocodile Lavender Bag

Lavender Bag | Printed Velvet | Crocodile Lavender Bag

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This luxury lavender bag is made from a sumptuous printed velvet in Ebony with a Crocodile design! 

Filled with highly scented Yorkshire lavender. If the smell starts to fade give it a shake or a squeeze! 

The back is a black linen fabric.

There is a decorative crocodile  charm in silver attached. 

It has a wide, black hanging ribbon so it can be hung on a door handle, in a wardrobe or as an air freshener in a car. 

Measurements: 11cms x 11cms. 

Each lavender bag is unique. They make perfect small gifts. They are sent wrapped in tissue paper and individually boxed. 

 Sizes may vary slightly. 

Lavender Bag | Luxury Printed Velvet | Crocodile  Lavender Bag