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Recycled Glass Vases & Accessories

Recycled Glass Vases & Accessories

In colourful jewelled tones these eye-catching accessories are a must for your home. Not only do they look gorgeous on your shelf, windowsill or mantlepiece they have the highest green credentials - perfect for the environmentally conscious and those who are looking for sustainable home accessories that don't cost the earth. 

Did you know that glass is the perfect material to recycle? 

Post consumer glass is not only saved from going to landfill it also requires a  lower temperature to be used during the manufacturing process compared to creating new glass. This means that is saves energy too! 

The energy saved from recycling just three glass bottles is enough to run 3 cycles of a washing machine or charge a smartphone for around a year!

The range of glassware that I stock is made from 100% recycled glass, not just partly recycled like some imitations. But it doesn't stop there. The dyes used to colour the glass is plant based and in some cases organic too.