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Which Paint Brush Should I choose? Zibra Paint Brushes

Zibra Paint Brushes 

Which Zibra Paint Brush should I choose?

Zibra Paint Brushes are more specialist than standard paint brushes. They are made with application in mind with a desire to alleviate issues that painters may have. Each brush is design with a specific application in mind to tackle any job with ease. The different shaped brush heads allows the brush to 'mould' around the area that is being painted making application easier and more enjoyable. 

Zibra Paint Brushes are designed to have the right balance of softness of the tip of the bristles whilst retaining stiffness. This results in ultra smooth paint release. Zibra Paint Brushes have around 25% more pack out than standard brushes. 

The Palm Pro Paint Brush is designed to be an extension of your hand making it easy to get in to tight spaces.  

The Round Brush is perfect for painting spindles, chair legs and trims with details. It works really well on round surfaces. 

The Chiseled Wedge Brush is great for edges and trimmings but can also be used over large flat areas as it has maximum pick up and release for smooth and easy painting. 

The Square Brush has a narrow square head with a large pack out meaning it holds a good amount of paint resulting in less dips. This shape is great for things like narrow moulding on furniture and can be used for areas like window frames.  

The Angled Brush is essential where precision is a must. Perfect for painting next to trims where exact lines and control is needed.

Whatever your project you are bound to find a Zibra Paint Brush that will do the job!

 Which Paint Brush Should I choose? Zibra Paint Brushes