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How to Decoupage on to Furniture

How to Decoupage on Furniture

Applying decoupage to your furniture can help to create a unique piece of upcycled furniture.

It can seem intimidating but once you know how it is actually fairly easy to apply decoupage papers to furniture. 

I would highly recommend the decoupage papers for furniture from MINT by Michelle.

These papers were made with furniture refurbishment in mind and are sized accordingly. MINT by Michelle decoupage papers come in a huge range of designs for all tastes. This is where furniture and art collide!

Step by Step to Decoupage on Furniture


Step one is to take a look at the surface you want to apply your decoupage paper to. You can apply these papers to furniture, wood, leather, upholstery, plastic and much more! If your surface is dark the your first step would be to paint with a light coloured paint or primer. This will help to brighten the image as the papers as semi-transparent. 

Step Two  - If you are applying your decoupage paper to a surface that is larger than your paper and you intend to blend in with paint you can tear the edges of your paper to soften the transition. It helps to dampen the edges of your paper before you tear. 

Step Three - Position your decoupage paper where you want it to go and hold in place with a good low tack masking tape such as yellow Frog Tape. 

Step Four- Open your tub of Bunty's Decoupage Glue and Finish, lift your paper and using a brush work in small stripes from the top. You need to apply a stripe of glue then using a soft brush smooth down the centre of the paper then out to the sides. Work all the way down to the bottom so that your whole paper is stuck down and smoothed out. 

There are a couple of tools that will help to make this step easier. The Posh Chalk Smooth and Spalter Brush or the MINT Brayer will help you to get a smooth finish. 

 Once you have completed these steps your piece is ready for painting. You can paint over your decoupage paper to blend it in, get creative with some Saltwash to create texture or simply put a border around! 

I hope this blog post has helped you with your project and you now know how to decoupage on to furniture.