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How To Decoupage On Furniture

How To Decoupage On Furniture

Stunning and unique piece of furniture can be created by using decoupage. Our Mint By Michelle Decoupage paper is made with furniture decoupage in mind. There are a range of beautiful images to choose from.

Whether it is one of the MOODY FLORALS , the iconic FRIDA KHALO or an Old Masters painting you will need to know how to decoupage on furniture to make you piece a success!

There are two methods to use to decoupage on furniture. You can create an aged and more authentic look by using the cling wrap method. Or, you can go for a smooth flat finish using the iron on method. Either way, this blog post will talk you through how to decoupage on furniture. 


The first step is to prep your piece. You will need to remove all hard ware and give the piece a good clean. We recommend BIOCLEAN by Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. Any holes, deep scratches or imperfections can be filled. 

Next a scuff sand followed by a wipe clean with plain water.

You can paint your furniture in a base colour depending on the design. A white or light base coat will produce a brighter image than a dark colour. Or you can go straight on the decoupage steps depending on the surface of the piece.

Cling Wrap Method

For this method you need to start by applying your chosen image medium or mod podge to a small area. We recommend Wise Owl Varnish as a medium. You can also use Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Clear Coat but be aware that this dried faster than the varnish so will give you less working time. 

Place your decoupage paper over the area, making sure it is in the position you require it to be. Use your scrunched up cling wrap to rub down the decoupage paper so that it adheres to the surface.

You then need to repeat the process until your whole paper is attached to the piece. Gluing and smoothing down a small area at a time.

Once the full decoupage paper is attached to the piece you can finish using your chosen varnish. If you want to age the piece further you can lightly sand in between coats of varnish. 

Iron On Method

For this method the first step is to cover the whole surface that you will be decoupaging with your chosen image medium or mod podge. Let it dry and then  repeat so that you have 2 good coats on your surface. Make sure they have had sufficient time to dry. Again, you can use Wise Owl Varnish or One Hour Enamel Clear Coat for this method. 

Next you need to place the decoupage paper over the dried glued surface and place a piece of baking parchment over the image. Starting in the middle and working outwards use an iron on a medium heat to attach the image to the furniture. The heat from the iron will activate the medium or glue and attach the image to the surface. 

You may need to iron over it 2 or 3 times to make sure it is fully secured. 

Finish your chosen varnish. 

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