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How To Create A Matte Black Finish With Furniture Paint

How To Create A Matte Black Finish With Furniture Paint

Chalky finish paints need to be sealed for durability but often when applying a top coat that lovely matte, chalky finish is changed leaving an unwanted sheen. so how do you create a matte black finish?

Black and very dark colours can be the most difficult to top coat. Traditional waxes can look patchy and matte varnishes can cause a range of problems. The mattifying agents in varnish can cause streaks and can make the black not look quite as black! Varnishing the darkest of colours isn't impossible and great results can be achieved but again, even matte varnish can take away that true chalky finish. 

Over the years I have used many black chalky paints and I have found Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint to be the richest, darkest black. 

Wise Owl Hemp Oil Wax is the perfect product for creating a true matte black  finish and keeping that deep black colour. Hemp Oil Wax is made from a base of hemp and coconut oils with a blend of three natural waxes. That's it! No nasties and no solvents which make it kinder to the environment. The hemp oil leaves a beautiful matte finish whist the waxes add to the durability and water resistance. 

For best results apply the Hemp Oil Wax with a wax brush. As you brush it on you will see the oils nourish the paint, deepening the colour. Its ease of application isn't tough on your hands like some traditional waxes that need to be pushed in to every brush stroke. Once applied the Hemp Oil Wax will soak in to the paint and any excess can be gently wiped off with a cloth. The Hemp Oil Wax can take a little while to dry and periodically coming back to it to gently buff as it dries will help achieve a lovely even and durable finish. Hemp Oil Wax takes around 28 days to fully cure. Over the years you can add additional layers of wax to maintain durability. But there you have a beautiful matte black finish.