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How do you stage painted furniture?

How do you stage painted furniture?

I often come along to my blog or my Facebook group 'Thirteen Furniture Project Group UK' (if you fancy joining us!) and give information and tips on painting furniture and the products that I stock.

But once you have that piece painted and you are happy with it and want to put up for sale then you need to get some good photos. So, How do you stage painted furniture?

In this blog post I'm going to give you some tips on how to stage your painted furniture for sale. 

The staging of your piece can say just as much about it as the piece itself. A lot of furniture artists become instantly recognisable not just for their painting style but for the way they stage their pieces too. 

Firstly, I would recommend using props that are in keeping with the style of the piece. If you have painted or upcycled a mid century piece then you might consider using some retro props. Similarly if you have a drinks cabinet then cocktail shakers, fancy bottles and glasses will do the job! You could even bring out the lemons and limes!

Secondly, you need to think about colours. Having props that match the hardware and handles will create balance. If you have gold drawer pulls then a gold vase or ornament will work well. But also you need that eye-catching pop of colour. This can come in the form of flowers, art work or interesting objects that get the attention of the buyer. A colour wheel is a useful tool when deciding on colours.

Thirdly, are your props the right size for the piece? Larger pieces may be able to carry pieces of artwork or a clock but if your piece is smaller you don't want the eye of the viewer to be drawn away from the piece. If your props are over powering then a potential customer may not know if it is the furniture or the prop that is for sale! 

Choosing the right props is just one part of staging your furniture for sale. You also need a good quality photo. 

Some points to consider are:

Does the background compliment the piece? Neutral backgrounds are always good as they don't detract away from the piece. If you have a staging area you are going to use regularly then it needs to suit every piece you are going to paint. 

Your photo quality is important. Yes, your buyer is going to zoom in to check out your paint job before they part with their hard earned cash!

Good lighting and a clear image with good additional images to show several angles is a must. Your main image should be straight and make sure the piece doesn't look like it is going to tip over or slide off your screen! 

These days you don't need a fancy camera to get an amazing photo. Most phone cameras are more than good enough. 

I hope this brief insight in to the world of staging furniture for sale has been helpful. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.