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How do you get a streak free finish using top coat over dark colours?

How do you get a streak free finish using top coat over dark colours?

One of the most common furniture painters’ questions I come across is ‘How do you get a streak free finish using top coat over dark colours?’. 

Well it isn’t easy! If you are using a matte varnish the mattifying agents are the cause of those milky white streaks you see. Satin varnish has a smaller amount of mattifying agents which is why satin varnish can be easier to get right. Dark colours are especially tricky and even more so if you want a matte finish! 

I go in to detail and demonstrate how to avoid that annoying clouding when using top coats over dark colours on my Facebook group. 

My group is always open to new members and is the best place to pick up tips and learn the art of furniture painting: 

Thirteen Furniture Painters Community 

Here are my top tips for getting a smooth, streak free finish over dark colours.

1. Make sure you paint is thoroughly dry - leave for a minimum of 24 hours

2. Mix your top coat really well, making sure everything from the bottom is incorporated in to the varnish

3. Add a touch of your paint to the top coat to colour it slightly

4. Use a suitable brush (such as Bunty’s Finishing Coat Brush) being careful not to overload

5. Apply an even coat, don’t overwork your varnish.

I can’t recommend Bunty’s Acrylic Lacquer enough. It is the easiest to work with top coat that I’ve found and at only £7.95 it won’t break the bank!

I hope these tips help you to get a streak free finish using matte varnish over dark colours. If you want to know more then head over to my Facebook group. Thirteen Furniture Painters Community.