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Chalk Paint Colours - A Guide to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colours

Chalk Paint Colours - A Guide to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colours

The Annie Sloan colour palette is deliberately limited to allow you to create your own shades of chalk paint colours. There are 46 colours in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint range which go from pale and soft to bright and strong.

Mixing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colours

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours can be lightened using Old White or Pure.

Most of the colours do not have any black pigment which makes colours 'muddy' when mixing. This means you can enjoy creating your own hues.

Neutral Chalk Paint Colours

Starting with Pure which is a pure, true white. This colour can be used alone for a crisp white finish or used to mix or blend with other colours to lighten them.

Old white is a soft, off-white. This colour is a beautiful, vintage white which can be used to lighten other shades.

Old White vs Original. Original is a creamier white. A more traditional colour. Original pairs well with the other paler colours in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for a delicate, distressed French look. 

Even creamier than Original is Old Ochre. A dark, faded cream seen on old French woodwork. 

Dark Chalk Paint Colours

Athenian Black is your true black. Finish with black wax for the darkest it can be!

Blue Chalk Paint Colours

Oxford navy is an inky navy blue. Oxford Navy vs Napoleonic Blue. Napoleonic Blue is a deep blue but a touch brighter, more of a colbat blue than the inky, navy hues of Oxford Navy. Napoleonic Blue is perfect for creating a Union Jack!

Going brighter from Napoleonic Blue is Frida Blue. Inspired by Frida Khalo, this bright, primary blue is useful to have in you stash for when it comes to mixing your own shades. 

Another strong blue is Greek Blue. A Mediterranean blue that doesn't have any green in it. 

Green Chalk Paint Colours

Coolbah Green is a soft, pale eucalyptus green. Think pale, muted sage with that slightly blue undertone. Keeping with the natural colours is Capability Green. Reminiscent of the English countryside.

Versaille is a soft yellow green that can change appearance depending on what it is paired with.

Antibes is a bright, emerald green. Lighten with one of the whites for an array of shades. 

Yellow Chalk Paint Colours

Tilton is a rich, warm yellow. Like English Mustard, a real sunshine yellow! 

Barcelona Orange is a dark but vibrant orange.

Red and Pink Chalk Paint Colours

Starting with Emperors Silk which is your true, bright red. Think Chinese lacquer! Use this colour to create a range of pinks when lightened with one of Annie's whites. 

For something spicy you'll want Paprika! A warm terracotta. This colour has more orangey undertones than your true red. Paprika Red vs Primer Red. 

Let's talk about beautiful brights, one of Annie Sloan's newest colours is Capri Pink. A bright, shocking, hot pink that can be found in folk art around the world. 

Brown and Grey Chalk Paint Colours

Coco is a warm, soft brown that can be used as a neutral alongside the more colourful shades.

Honfleur is a rich, warm brown that teams well with both brights and pastels. 

Purple Chalk Paint Colours

Paloma is a beautiful lilac. A mix of purple, yellow and white to create this soft, warm colour.