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Black Furniture Paint

Black Furniture Paint

Black furniture can be elegant and sleek or distressed for a rustic, farmhouse look. It can be a difficult colour to get right and what is the best way to top coat black furniture paints for durability?

This handy guide will help you to choose the best black furniture paint for the look you are trying to achieve. 

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel in JET BLACK is exactly what it says it is, Jet Black. This is a great choice for a black furniture paint as it doesn't need a top coat.

One Hour Enamel is a durable finish which is great for kitchen and bathroom cabinets and furniture.

It has a soft sheen to it which is between and eggshell and a satin finish. The colour really is JET BLACK. 

I would recommend this paint for a sleek, modern look. The sheen looks especially good on pieces with curves. 

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint in BLACK is a versatile paint. It self levels beautifully for a velvety finish but can be mixed with Saltwash if you want a more rustic or textured look. 

This paint is great for more rustic finishes.  Paint with texture or dip your paint brush tips in water for a smoother finish. Looks fab on pretty oak chests of drawers with a wax finish! 

As with all chalky finish paints it needs sealing. Wax is a great option for black and will dry to a natural matte finish but can be buffed up to a sheen. Wax leaves a very natural feel to pieces and looks great over distressed and rustic finishes.

Varnish is a more durable option and great for a more modern finish but can be tricky to get a streak free finish, especially matte. 

Here are some tips if you do decide to varnish:

 • Mix thoroughly making sure you incorporate everything from the bottom of the pot. 

•Make sure you have enough on your brush but don’t overload.
•Don’t overwork. If you miss a bit then go over it on your next coat.
• Try adding 10% black paint to your varnish to colour it. 


Bunty’s Mineral Paint

Bunty's Mineral Paint in TOTAL ECLIPSE.

Bunty’s is a beautifully smooth mineral paint which is comparable to Fusion but without the price tag.

It dries to a smooth eggshell finish.

With this paint you can add a coat of Natural Furniture Wax to add some extra durability or you can coat with Bunty’s Acrylic Lacquer. 

With Bunty’s paints sides and legs don’t necessarily need a top coat but I would recommend adding extra protection for tops and areas the will get a lot of use. 


Cornish Milk Mineral Paint 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in BLACK ROCK

Another mineral paint option. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a thicker paint than Bunty’s and dries to a matte finish as opposed to Bunty's slight eggshell sheen. 

Again it can be top coated with wax or varnish for added durability. 

There is a lot more I could say about different paints and top coats but I will leave it there for now! I hope this gives you an insight in to the different paints and finished that are available as well as helping you choose your perfect black furniture paint!